Criminal Law

Being arrested or investigated is frightening.  An arrest carries the risk of incarceration while you await trial as well as other risks.  A criminal conviction can make matters worse by making the initial problems caused by your arrest to become permanent or by adding additional penalties such as incarceration or by giving you a criminal record that could trigger additional consequences.  We believe that criminal defense is more than just the system, law, or potential outcomes.  It is about you and getting you back to the life that you had before the arrest.  During the initial consultation, we are able to give our clients an honest view of their situation and uncover defenses that our clients often did not realize existed.  Although every case is different, the path to success and getting you back to where you were before your arrest starts with your consultation.  Call now to schedule a free initial consultation (330) 417-6687.

We offer representation for all criminal charges:

  • Misdemeanor Offenses

  • Felony Offenses


  • Drug Charges

  • Domestic Violence

  • Traffic Offenses

  • Sex Offenses

Call now to schedule a free consultation (330) 417-6687.